Application Areas


Cladco offer a superb choice of structural decking panels supplied in either plain galvanised or a white polyester finish. Other coatings are available on request. All decking profiles can be perforated on the broad upper flange only, on the web only or complete surface perforated.

The DIY Roofing Solution

DIY Advantages

  • Low Cost

  • 40 year plus sheet life expectancy

  • Maintenance Free

  • Simple to Fit (ideal for DIY)

  • Strong enough to walk on

  • Attractive in appearance

  • Available in a wide choice of colours and finishes.

  • Manufactured to your individual requirements.

  • Long sheet lengths available.

  • Delivered throughout Scotland

Suitable Products

We supply our R32/1000 sheet to your specification



Cladco has an enormous fund of experience with Agricultural roof and wall cladding.

Our service to you

This means that we can provide not only an extensive range of products and systems but also advice on solving all kinds of problems relating to farm buildings – including meeting your budgets!

Colours, Coatings, Composite Panels and Ventilated Panels

We have a range of metal roofing and wall cladding sheets specifically designed for agricultural use to provide a quality product at an affordable cost. Colours, coatings and profile shapes all selected to harmonise with rural landscapes.

  • Traditional Corrigated
  • Box profile
  • Composite panels

Cladding Fixings

We carry in stock a comprehensive range of “Cladco” fixings to suit all applications. We are an “Ejot” appointed distributor.

A colourhead option is available on most of our range and we can offer a fast turnaround service on special order items or colours.

A vast range of flat roofing fasteners available through out partnership with Ejot. Stainless steel option on most sizes of fasteners.


All fixings have a batch number to ensure traceability. Technical specifications of all products are available including COSHH data sheets upon request.


We can deliver fixings throughout the UK on a next day delivery service using a dedicated courier service

The Trade Counter

The Trade Counter is open from Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM or outwith these times by arrangement. We also offer DIY solutions.


We carry in stock a huge range of accessories which includes the following:

  • Fixings
  • Foam fillers
  • Colour Caps
  • Touch up paint and pastes
  • Pipe flashings
  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Silicone sealants
  • Butyl tapes
  • Drill bits


We can deliver fixings throughout the UK on a next day delivery service using a dedicated courier service.


The trade counter is open from Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM or outwith these times by arrangement.

Questions and Answers

What is Cladco 32/1000?

32/1000 is profiled metal roof & wall cladding, 32mm deep and providing EXACTLY 1000mm cover, run to your required length. Thus it is simple to work out how many sheets you need and in what lengths. Once applied it can make any building, be it a barn, shed, warehouse, domestic garage or a huge superstore modern and attractive in appearance.

What can Cladco’s cladding be used for?

Our profiles are designed for and used on everything from the smallest shed to the largest sports stadium and everything in between! Our sheets have been used on houses, garages, industrial/farm buildings etc. They have also been used very effectively inside places of work and can also look striking inside bars and nightclubs etc. Steel cladding in an incredibly versatile product!

Surely metal cladding is expensive?

No – all Cladco metal profiles are very competitively priced – Give our sales team a call today and you may be pleasantly surprised.

How do I know that I am buying at the best price?

We manufacture the sheets here on site thus you are buying direct from the manufacturer. Best materials, best prices. (each order is made to suit your individual requirements)

What is the lifespan of your profiles?

When installed correctly in accordance with our recommendations, Cladco roof/wall sheets have a sheet life expectancy of 40 years plus.

Who installs it?

Installation is quite simple – and it is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, but if you need someone local to install it for you, then we recommend you contact any reputable roofing contractor in your area.

Which profile is best?

The 32/1000mm profile provides the best value for money as it is the maximum ‘metre wide cover’ sheet – it is also the strongest from this range – and is rollformed at our Dalmarnock factory so is available ex-stock. 13/3 traditional ‘wavy’ profile can look very attractive and is a very popular choice within the agricultural industry. It is also rolled here therefore is readily available.

How much time do you require to roll sheets and are there a variety of colours?

There is a full colour range which can be viewed on any of our product pages. Generally profiles 32/1000 and 13/3 can be run within days of ordering.

Should I choose plastisol, polyster coated or sheeting?

Plastisol is a “leather grain” type coating and is used on all roofing applications. It looks excellent and provides a lifetime of all weather protection. Polyester is a smooth paint finish – ideal for most applications. Ideal for domestic garages , large storage warehouses, grain and whisky stores and equestrian centres.

Should I choose ‘NO CON DROP’ sheeting?

NO-CON-DROP’ is Cladco’s unique anti-condensation sheeting – available in different colours, finishes and thicknesses and is designed to prevent condensation problems. It is used in ( see above ) with any single skin.

What thickness is best?

0.7 thick is the most commonly used as it allows foot traffic and thus is a safe bet for most. O.5 is also available and although not as rigid as 0.7 is still adequate for most uses. If budget is an issue – 0.5 Polyster sheeting is ideal.

Do the ‘ridge’ type flashings fit into the shape of the sheet?

No. Cladco flashings are made to your own specification – thus you specify the size and angle that you require. They are then fixed on top of the roof sheets along with Cladco ‘All Weather Fillers’ which are fitted so as to close off the spaces from rain, mud, insects, birds etc.

Do the fittings fit in the flat of the sheet?

Yes, they are modern, high performance fixings which come with a special sealed washer – so they will not leak. They are fitted in the flat of the sheet so as to provide the best resistance to uplift from high winds.

What type of fixings do I require and how many?

This depends on the type of application. We will advise which type and will provide the proper fixings required as well as working out how many you require, etc. For further information contact our fixings department today.

How do I order?

You can order any of our materials by either giving our sales team a PHONE on 0141 647 8866, sending a FAX on 0141 647 8872 or by e-mailing us at

What are your payment terms?

Cladco is a cash and carry business, providing you, the customer with the best materials at the best prices. Our normal terms are therefore payment in full before your order can be dispatched.

How quickly will my materials be delivered?

Home delivery is available at extra cost. Cost being dependent on delivery size and location. Please ask our sales team for more information although a rough approximation would be 7 days.