Fibre Cement Roof Sheets/Roof Cladding

Produced in the traditional 6″ UK profile with 6 corrugations and overlaps / underlaps on both sides of the sheet, Fibre Cement is available in three colouration types, all with matching accessories; traditional grey fibre-cement corrugated sheet, ‘pre-weathered’ matt black fibre-cement corrugated sheet and and coloured corrugated sheet incorporating our unique 3 stage coating process.

Translucent rooflights are available in most common sheet lengths. They are used to provide natural illumination to the interior. These fragile sheets must be fixed correctly complying to British Standards and Health and Safety recommendations to reduce the risks of falls from height. Sheets must be fixed through each corrugation at every purlin. Side laps must be stitched to adjacent sheets at max 450mm centres.